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        Hu, Mingcong

      1. President of Guangzhou Baiyun Electric Equipment Co., Ltd
      2. The Chairman of the board of Guangzhou TOSHIBA Baiyun Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd
      3. Excellent Entrepreneur of Guangdong Private Enterprise
      4. Model Worker of Guangdong Province
        ·Representative of the People's Congress of Guangzhou
      5. The First TopTen Outstanding Youth of Guangzhou
      6. The Fourth Top Ten Outstanding Youth of Guangzhou
      7. The First Top Ten of Youth Entrepreneur of Guangzhou
      8. The First Top Ten of Youth Star of Township Enterprise of GuangdongProvince

        Striving is the powerful driving source of a nation or an enterprise.

        Innovation is the soul of both a nation and an enterprise.

        With great support and favor from many customers and friends in different fields , Guangzhou BYE has made a magnificent progress during the past more than 20 years, with its products and technology leading the industry in China and manufacture and sales reaching targeted scale.

        However, there is still some way to go to reach the success in our mind. Our achievement in past is just a witness of growth and development. Only those enterprises that have been through many tough periods and still survive are really successful ones.

        Diligence, practice, innovation, thinking, study, summarizing, scientific management, timely market response, and service capability, all of these together make our survival and create the future development.

        As our ongoing efforts, we are still striving for enhancing our comprehensive competence for our survival and implementing the brand strategy. Continuously leading technology, advantage in cost, excellent business performance, enlarged market share, expanded influence and targeted scale are all our aim at.

        Creating the Best, Serving the World” is BYE’s persistent effort !