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        Protect users privacy is guangzhou baiyun electrical equipment Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "web site") a basic policy, we promise not to the public or providing user registration data and users in the use of network services stored in this website not publicly content, except the following:

        (a) obtain users express authorization,

        (b) in accordance with the relevant legal requirements,

        (c) in accordance with the relevant government departments requirements;

        (d) for maintaining the social public interest;

        (e) in order to safeguard the legal rights of this net,

        Please check material, and regularly when understand other information and changes.

        How to use your information and relevant content?

        We are looking for and use of the information you need only to the scope, the basic information of the products, services and you might be interested in service in the limit of. This using your IP address (IP address through assigned a unique number to make sure you use the browser, namely Netscape, Internet Explorer) to routine management, through our server to solve the existing problems, so as to provide better services to you.

        This may cooperate with third parties provide relevant service, and in this case, if the third party agreed to take responsibility for the same with this net users privacy protection responsibility, then the user of this can be registered information provides to the third party.

        Cookie technology?

        We will pass your browser to your computer to send the "Cookie". Thousands of sites in using Cookie to fill your online experience. Cookie is a small data files, it through the web server to your browser assigned a unique anonymous digital, and then stored in your computer hard disk. Cookie would not damage or read your information on the hard drive. Cookie can store passwords and Numbers, let you be in online experience more fun. You can by changing the browser's Settings to refuse all the Cookie, or stored in hard disk in the Cookie when inform you. However, if you choose not to receive Cookie, it is required to reentering information, which cost of extra time might affect you for your use.

        Your personal information safe?

        In has not obtained before your approval, we will not sell or rent disclosure, personal information, unless it is for you to provide the required baiyun electric service. In a very special circumstances, we may need according to the provisions of laws disclosure of your personal information, such as involving lawsuit or other legal proceedings. If required, disclose, we shall adopt measures to ensure reasonable business disclosed personal information privacy, such as ban on commercial purpose use personal information.

        In addition, the protection of the rights of its employees baiyun appliances with property, protect baiyun appliances employees or public safety and health of the motives, if need disclosure of personal information, we have retained certain information rights.

        This is not responsible for monitoring or to verify user on this website to send or mailing information or alone when communicating any content or information transmission of responsibility. Including chat rooms, bulletin boards, or BBS and any other users communicate content. In addition, you go to public areas, submit information could be collected by others, and offer information or you.may used for its use. This about any such personal exchange content does not undertake any responsibility, no matter whether they can cause privacy, defamatory, obscene or other aspects of the problem. This retained in discovered delete contains deemed insult, defamatory, obscene or other inappropriate content rights.

        About third-party web link

        This includes pointer to another web link. For other site privacy measures, we assume no responsibility. We recommend that users leave our website should be about reading collect personal identification information of each site privacy statement. This privacy policy applies only to this online collect information.

        Users how to amend, change or check your personal information

        If you want to obtain personal information, to modify existing personal information or delete your personal information, please pass thisnet the contact us. If you request of your personal information, you can be sure that the rest of the personal information can be stored in baiyun appliances continued records and archives, but baiyun appliances will not based on business purpose to use the information. If due to your violation of the white clouds electrical appliances the terms of white clouds, and was suspended, restriction or terminate your website's visit, baiyun appliances have retained and store your personal information rights, clear or does not grant to accept your submission of the application.

        We for your information protection

        Baiyun electric appliance will maintain acquisition of the information privacy. We by limiting obtain and make use of the foregoing information staff range, establish good internal mechanism to better protect the above information security and secrecy.

        User submitted materials

        Except for personal identification information, or by mail you send the site of materials, information or contact information (hereinafter referred to as the information) are will be regarded as a non-confidential and non-proprietary. Baiyun appliances to the information does not undertake any responsibility. At the same time you submit behavior without special declaration, we can be regarded as agree (or authorized) : baiyun appliances and its authorized person will be available for commercial or non-commercial purposes free to copy, distribute and disclosed, mergers and in other ways to use this information and all data and images, sounds and text and other content. Your use of this site may not violate laws, regulations and public morality, are not permitted to or from this site by mail or send any unlawful, threatening, defamatory, slander, obscene, pornographic or other potential illegal material. If the relevant person information that the content and the influence of the proposed indeed evidence warning or objection, this site may at any time delete the content or information, and never to terminate this information of online publishing, without prior consent of the submitters to, also no obligation notifier submitters to, the situation is serious, this site can adopt measures to cancel its users.

        User communication content

        Baiyun appliances not monitoring or review users on this website to send or mailing information, mutual communication between separate the responsibility of any field information, including chat room, bulletin boards, or BBS and any other users communicate content. Baiyun appliances for the contents of this kind of exchange relevant assumes no responsibility, no matter whether they can cause privacy, defamatory, obscene or other aspects of the problem. Baiyun appliances retained in discovered delete contains deemed insult, defamatory, obscene or other inappropriate content information rights.