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        • MCM100 Single-Phase Multi-Function Meter

                 MCM100 series single-phase multi-function table using AC sampling technology to measure power, can measure the single-phase current, voltage, active / reactive power, power factor, frequency, active / reactive power parameters such as electrical degrees. The measure value can display directly or send to the remote host .

          Features :

          1.Has two digital inputs and one relay contact output circuit. One digital input can access the status of the amount of passive node, the external switch used to monitor the deformation; relay contact output is used to achieve the more limited output and remote control alarm outputs. Relay contact output can be used to monitor voltage, current, frequency, power, alarm output generated more limited, but also for remote control operation.

          2.Optional 4-20mA analog output function to send quantitative, can easily access to DCS systems.

          3.With remote communication capabilities. Through own RS-485communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol, can uploaded the measurement information, switch status and change bits of information, the more limited the value of parameter settings to the background monitoring host, to achieve centralized management and remote control, users can easily use communications for system parameter programming, relay parameter settings, remote control, and automatic control.

          4.Five high-brightness 0.56-inch digital display, both to meet the needs of the display brightness, but also make the product look more beautiful.

          5. Appearance streamline design, elegant appearance, buttons stamped can prevent dust.

          Applications :

                 Widely used in various industries distribution management, automation and intelligent control systems.