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        • MCM310 Multifunction Power Analyzer

                   MCM310 Series Multifunction Power Analyzer is a new generation of power monitoring products, it has a small, light weight, powerful, more accurate, flexible configuration, beautiful appearance, it can achieve power all remote control, can also monitor 4 switch signal input (with SOE), 2 relay outputs, power pulse output, 21 times harmonic analysis, statistical functions and demand 4-20mA analog output function. This powerful function deployment provides a very flexible and convenient option when user build system.

          Features :

          1.MCM310 Series Multifunction Power Analyzer has a powerful, user-defined value system that can monitor almost all of the electricity grid according to parameters set by the user and the action. It can start up value of 13 channels, including 10 analog value, three logical setting.

          2.MCM310 Series Multifunction Power Analyzer Compared with similar instruments, a variety of additional features and flexible, reducing the cost of customers; meter hole 90mm × 90mm, the depth of screen after the 56mm, especially suitable for installation in the control box and place switch cabinet.

          3.The use of Chinese liquid crystal display, debug, easy to operate.

          Applications :

                Widely used in various industries distribution management, automation and intelligent control systems.