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        • MCM510 Three-Phase Motor Protection Device

                 MCM 510 series of low power voltage three-phase motor protection device is a low-voltage motors for various applications resulting in the failure of the development of intelligent motor protector.

          Features :

          1.MCM510 series of low-phase motor protection device with high integration, high-speed processor for data acquisition, processing, in the realization of the traditional low voltage motor protection based on the integration of monitoring, measurement, running records, and communications, truly digital , intelligent, network-based, so that the protection and monitoring in one, the management of industrial process control is a big convenience.

          2.MCM 510 series low-voltage three-phase motor protection devices with small size, light weight, powerful, high reliability, flexible configuration, beautiful appearance, convenient installation.


                 Widely used in various industries distribution management, automation and intelligent control systems.