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        •    Since 2001, BYE has begun to get involved in the national rail transit. So far BYE has gained 10-year service experience in the subway, striving for providing high quality products and services.

          BYE’s first business partner in rail transit is Guangzhou Metro, which is the rising star and significant model in this field of China. In the past 10 years’ cooperation, they have learned from each other and grown up day by day. BYE learned from Guangzhou Metro in advanced technology and project management, which enables BYE to continuously meet and outdo the strict standard of security and flexibility in rail transit.

          BYE succeeds in having an access to the metro field by cooperating with Guangzhou metro. Since then, BYE has opened up the market in rail transit by cooperating with other metro corporations such as Being Metro, Shenzhen Metro, Changchun Metro etc.

            BYE, to speed up Chinese Rail Transit!